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Geriatric Consult

Dr. Noonan has received extra training in geriatric care and is respected in the field. In order to continue to provide service to that community, she does have different availably for those seeking these services who do not want to enroll in the DPC program.


  • Dementia diagnosis

  • Osteoporosis evaluation and treatment

  • Clarifying goals of care

  • Frequent falling

Doctor and Patient

Consultation fees:

Dr. Noonan does not work with any insurance companies nor Medicare. For these types of visits (age 70+) the fee schedule is as follows:

(scheduled for one hour)

5 minute intervals for any follow up care, phone calls, chart review, communication with family etc.

Healthspan Intensive Launch

This is a 12 week program designed by Dr. Noonan. Available to new and current patients as well as those not looking to join our DPC model who want a reset.

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