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  • What services are covered in my membership?
    Your membership covers most things you normally see your primary care doctor for, plus some. This includes chronic disease management, yearly physical, sick visits, point of care testing (urinalysis, strep test, flu test etc). With membership you will have access to your physician for same day or next day appointments in person or telehealth.
  • Are there any additional fees?
    Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. Your membership fee covers unlimited in office visits, telehealth visits, in office testing, and more. The only additional fees we will ever charge you are for home visits and for blood work drawn in our office and sent to Labcorp (but the pricing is so low an these labs, Dr. Noonan cried tears of joy when she saw the pricing!). If you choose to use your insurance for your blood work, we will send you to an outside provider with a lab slip and your insurance will be billed.
  • Do I still need health insurance if I am a member of Healthspan Utah?
    The short answer is, yes! Your membership with Healthspan will cover most of your day to day healthcare needs, but is not a replacement for insurance. You will still need insurance for specialists, hospital visit, emergent care, specialized testing etc.
  • Does Dr. Noonan treat hormones?
    Yes! Discussing your hormones and offering the most up to date and evidence based options is one of the many aspects of health Dr. Noonan will work with you on. She has sought extra education in the care of perimenopause and menopause. She can also work with men on their hormone health.
  • Do you bill insurance?
    Direct primary care removes insurance from the patient-physician relationship. At Healthspan we never bill insurance, but you can still use your insurance for prescriptions and tests that are ordered by us. Membership fee is $95-$115 per month (see our pricing page) and this includes unlimited visits, telehealth, all in office testing, supplement discounts and more.
  • Do you see patients remotely?
    YES! Currently Dr. Noonan can see anyone in the state of Utah via telehealth services. You do not need to be seen in person, but of course it would be excellent if you could have at least one visit in person.
  • How do I get blood work done if I see Dr. Noonan via telehealth only?
    Dr. Noonan can order labs to be drawn at any Labcorp service center or Intermountain Hospital.
  • If I am admitted to the hospital, will Dr. Noonan see me there?
    The hospital has a staff of qualified physicians that will provide your care while you are there. Dr. Noonan can follow along though and of course see you after the hospital stay.
  • Does Dr. Noonan work with patients on weight loss including the newer medications?
    Yes! Weight management has always been something Dr. Noonan works with her patients on if they are interested. She is up to date on the most recent options and will work with you to find the best options for you at the most affordable price.
  • Does Healthspan Utah work with small businesses to provide care to employees?
    Healthspan Utah and most direct primary care practices will work employers to provide membership as an employee benefit. Call or send us an email if you would like to discuss further.


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