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  • Do I still need health insurance if I am a member of Healthspan Utah?
    The short answer is, yes! Your membership to health span will cover most of your day to day healthcare needs, but is not a replacement for insurance. You will still need insurance for specialists, hospital visit, specialized testing etc.
  • Do you bill insurance?
    Direct primary care removes insurance from the patient-physician relationship. At Healthspan we never bill insurance, but you can still use your insurance for prescriptions and tests that are ordered by us.
  • Do you see patients remotely?
    YES! Currently Dr. Noonan can see anyone in the state of Utah via telehealth services. You do not need to be seen in person, but of course it would be excellent if you could have at least one visit in person.
  • What services are covered in my membership?
    Your membership covers most things you normally see your primary care doctor for, plus some. This includes chronic disease management, yearly physical, sick visits, point of care testing (urinalysis, strep test, flu test etc). With membership you will have access to your physician for same day or next day appointments in person or telehealth.
  • If I am admitted to the hospital, will Dr. Noonan see me there?
    The hospital has a staff of qualified physicians that will provide your care while you are there. Dr. Noonan can follow along though and of course see you after the hospital stay.


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